Chris Young

Chris Young is #4 list candidate for Glasgow Region in the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.


Chris has lived in Glasgow since 2003 (Ibrox since 2004). He has been a political and social activist for over half his life. 

Chris grew up in London. He joined the Liberal Democrats as a teenager and played a key role in the Liberal Democrats' successful city-wide campaign against the deregulation of the bus network.

In 1993 Chris moved to Fife to study at the University of St Andrews, first Classics then Information Technology. Ten years later, after a spell working in Paisley for 96.3 Qfm (writing radio adverts), he moved west to study Law at the University of Glasgow. Chris worked in various legal and administrative positions until the banking collapse at the end of 2008. After battling with the benefits system, Chris set up as a self-employed writer and performer, having previously developed various routines to raise funds for the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall. He is a member of Equity, the actors' union. His first poetry pamphlet, “Greetings from Glasgow”, was published by Red Squirrel Press in July 2014.

Following a lifelong interest in science, nature and technology, Chris attended Glasgow Clyde College (Langside) in 2013-14, taking Highers in Chemistry and Human Biology, before embarking on an MChem in Chemistry with Drug Discovery at the University of Strathclyde.

Chris seeks to develop and promote innovative, evidence-based policy solutions that are liberal, effective and environmentally sustainable. 

Outwith politics, science and creative projects, Chris has been a keen social sportsman (running, gym, badminton) and has had occasional appearances on quiz shows (making Anne Robinson crack a smile on his way to winning “The Weakest Link”).




Twitter: @cmykey

Mobile: 07773 325703