Robert Brown gives Liberal Democrat views on the Constitution to House of Lords Committee

Lead Liberal Democrat candidate for Glasgow Region Robert Brown was part of a panel giving evidence last week to a House of Lords Committee about the future of the United Kingdom.


Rutherglen Councillor and Scottish Parliament Liberal Democrat candidate Robert Brown joined with Labour MSP Claire Baker, former Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie and Green Party representative Maggie Chapman in giving the views of the different Parties to the Lords’ Constitutional Committee on the future shape of Britain after the failed independence referendum.

Robert Brown said:

“The Liberal Democrats have long believed that the future shape of the United Kingdom should be a federal Union with a proper written constitution to define the powers both of Westminster and of the Scottish Parliament and other national or regional bodies across Britain. I have myself been involved in developing and putting across the Scottish Liberal Democrat position on this for many years and was a member of both the Steel and Campbell Commissions on the subject.

I made it clear that, in our view, it was now vital to move towards a reformed, federal UK  and to make the positive case for the United Kingdom based on 300 years of common sentiment and values, our shared interest in a secure, prosperous single market across Britain, and common commitment to a pensions and benefit entitlement across the UK.

There is an increasing sense that the people of Scotland made the right decision in rejecting independence last September. Even Alex Salmond’s own former senior adviser Alex Bell recently described the SNP economic case for independence as “delusional” – a view borne out by other economic trends since then, not least the plunging oil price.

What we need for the future is a more flexible structure for the United Kingdom which recognises the diverse nature and needs of the different parts of Britain but as part of a strong Union. It is time for politicians to focus on making the Scottish government in particular deliver for local people.”


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