No referendum required for more powers

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No referendum required for more powersNo referendum will be required for more powers to be secured by the Scottish Parliament. That’s the claim of the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie, speaking on the first day of the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton.

Commenting from Brighton, Mr Rennie said:

“Next month Sir Ming Campbell will publish his report on Home and Community Rule. I want the report to open the dialogue and debate with the voters and between the parties.

“I'll invite Labour and the Conservatives to join in the discussion to develop a new accord to put to the country in the 2015 general election.

“And if Scotland decides to stay in the UK there’s a role for the SNP too. They could work with others to deliver the accord.

“No matter what the result in the referendum, parties of all stripes need to work together to ensure Scotland doesn’t fall back but rather moves forwards to a future with more powers, more decisions, more responsibility at home. Home Rule for Scotland.

“And we don’t need a referendum to deliver it either. If we are able to build a consensus which is endorsed by the electorate at the general election we can promptly move to deliver those powers in the confidence that they have popular support.

“We didn’t need a referendum for the Calman proposals expertly piloted by Michael Moore through the recent Scotland Act and we won’t need a referendum now.”

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