How would you spend £347 million?

key_ChalkboardUnderspend.pngThe SNP Government have underspent on their budget by a massive £347 million. Meantime Glasgow City Council have to make £56 million of cuts next year, threatening 1,500 jobs, while South Lanarkshire face cuts of £36 million. Even £200 million from the SNP’s underspend would make a big difference to local services.

Robert Brown, Liberal Democrat lead MSP candidate for Glasgow region, wants to know why – and what you think the Scottish Government should be doing instead.

“What’s the point of sitting on so much money when our NHS is in crisis, our police force is cracking at the seams and our schools are failing? So I want to know what you think the government should spend this money on. Whether it’s more nurses, reducing school class sizes, building more houses or fixing potholes in our roads, I want to know what you think.”

How would you spend the missing millions?