Ben Denton-Cardew (Glasgow South West)

Ben Denton-Cardew in George Square

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Ben was born into a single-parent, low-wage family in Suffolk, and has first-hand insights into the problems faced by benefit claimants with impossible conditions. Joining the Liberal Democrats in 2014 because of the opportunities he received within the local party, Ben is now a fourth-year student at the University of Glasgow, a professional musician, and one of the UK's youngest railway consultants. Before moving to Glasgow, when working as Member of Youth Parliament for Mid Suffolk, he helped deliver disabled access ramps to Westerfield Railway Station and spoke in the House of Commons about home-to-school transport subsidies for low income families.  Ben has lived in Glasgow for four years now and has been a vocal supporter of a number of campaigns including the Campaign For Better Transport, teaching music in schools, and cracking down on unscrupulous and uncaring landlords. 

Professionally, Ben works in the Rail Industry delivering technological improvements to battery-technology, and is a frequent contributor to literary publications about architecture, rail, and politics. Alongside his studies in Glasgow he is currently a member of the University Royal Naval Unit, Glasgow Orchestral Society, and teaches piano to children in his spare time. 

"During this election, I will campaign on a number of issues. The toxic political climate of abuse  caused by Brexit across the UK and by the independence referendum in Scotland  has a terrible impact not only on the quality of our democracy, but on both social and economic development. The Tories have spent so long talking about a ridiculous concept that will gain us nothing, all the while people are suffering. It's time we changed this, and the time to change it is now. If you elect a Liberal Democrat government, I and my colleagues in Parliament will revoke Article 50 on day one and start talking about the issues that really matter.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, for example, that a 'crackdown on homelessness' meant getting people in homes this winter, rather than trying to eliminate them as a statistic? 

Wouldn't it be wonderful, for example, that a 'crackdown on drug use' meant we help rehabilitate people from awful addictions that aren't their fault, rather than throwing them in prison like a murderer? 

And wouldn't it be wonderful, for example, that a better education system meant investing money into students and staff, helping every student flourish and find their individual talents, rather than just raising grade boundaries yet further?

If you elect me on December 12th, I will vote to stop pension inequality, I will vote to stop unscrupulous landlords, but perhaps most importantly of all, I will vote to stop Brexit."


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