Hugh Southall for Newlands & Auldburn

Hugh is standing to be the local Councillor for Newlands/Auldburn in Glasgow City’s 2022 elections on the
5th of May. Hugh is a 3 rd year Civil Engineering student at the University of Glasgow and works part time in
age-restriction testing.

Hugh’s priorities are:

  1. Fixing our roads. Potholes endanger all road users.
  2. Encouraging active travel. This improves health by reducing air pollution and increasing exercise. It
    reduces congestion by taking cars off the road.
  3. Demanding better public transport with an integrated ticket for the entire network. In the long-
    term, bringing buses into public control like Lothian buses.
  4. Protecting our local environment by investing into our communities and paying front line workers
    what they deserve; removing the bulky waste charge; reversing reduced bin collections and
    improving the city's dire record on recycling. 
  5. Encourage refurbishing buildings over demolishing them. 50% of a building’s carbon emissions are
    produced during construction. To achieve the city’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 we must be
    smart in our development.

For too long, power has been centralised in Holyrood and Westminster with local people ignored as a

If elected, Hugh will work for a better, greener future for Newlands/Auldburn and beyond.

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