Lib Dems Call for Lighting in Kelvingrove Park

Concerns for Women's Safety have led Glasgow's Liberal Democrats to once again call for lighting in Kelvingrove Park after council dismissed petition signed by thousands last year.

Following the death of Sarah Everard, thousands of local people took to the streets on a Night Walk memorial for the victims of sexual violence. As part of this, 10,000 people have signed a petition to light up the footpaths in Kelvingrove to make it a safer place to be after dark. Sadly, Glasgow Council failed to step up.

Continued reports of assaults on women in Glasgow are a constant reminder that we must act together in planning safer open public spaces, routes home and parks for women locally. Lib Dems back calls from advocacy groups to improve street lighting and CCTV and provide police patrols in key areas. 

Theo Lockett, candidate for Hillhead in May, commented: “The council have refused to take action on this, insisting that the park is not for night time use. However, since it gets dark at 4pm, before many leave work throughout winter, it is just an attempt to excuse their inaction. Lighting is possible, and it’s necessary.

“No matter what time you walk home, you should always feel safe.

“If elected in May, we will fight to make our community as safe as it can be. The Council's position is untenable as it dictates who and when the parks are provided for, when they should be a public space welcome to everyone.”

When contacting Hillhead’s local ward Councillor for a comment, we were directed to the Council’s response which did not support the petition, fearing that installing lighting would harm local wildlife. The council response is an insult to those who feel excluded from our green spaces because of concerns for their own safety.

The Glasgow Lib Dems would like to thank the 10,000 people that signed this petition and encourage anyone who hasn't yet to do so:

Sign the Petition - Click here.


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