Glasgow Liberal Democrats Back Cost of Living Rescue Package

Despite being rejected by the SNP in Edinburgh, Glasgow Lib Dems will continue to support the Cost of Living Rescue Package so no one has to face the crisis alone. 

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New Hope for Glasgow

New Hope: Scottish Liberal Democrat priorities for Glasgow 2022

We believe in a local council that will meet the needs of its citizens, will treat all individuals and agencies with respect and dignity, and deliver the effective services which impact our daily lives. We believe that local decision making is fundamental to well run, responsive services. We oppose the SNP government’s year on year cuts to council budgets and we will fight for a better deal for Glasgow.

Key policy highlights

  • Reverse council cuts to essential services – we will increase the rate of bin collection in tenements areas and from public wastebins, remove the bulk uplift charge, and reopen the libraries and sports grounds.
  • Reverse the cuts to public transport – we will review bus service provision and insist on improved timetables from bus companies, we will pressurise the Scottish government to reinstate reduced train services, increase the Underground operating times to meet demand, and push for a smart card system for public transport.
  • Improve the local environment – we will introduce a rapid response unit to address public concerns on potholes, street parking, street lighting and litter.
  • Improve housing provision – we will crackdown on poor landlords and housing associations who are slow to repair the property, lobby the government for extra funding to provide accommodation for all homeless people and review the housing application process to ensure faster response times.
  • We will fully consult citizens on changes and keep them informed of decisions that affect them.
  • We will force Glasgow City Council to show true leadership in tackling the city’s problems, not pretend that they do not exist.
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Lib Dems Call for Lighting in Kelvingrove Park

Concerns for Women's Safety have led Glasgow's Liberal Democrats to once again call for lighting in Kelvingrove Park after council dismissed petition signed by thousands last year.

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